The architects of your digital transformation.

Bundled expertise.

Since 2005 we provide innovation consulting, artificial intelligence and automated workflows
to the manufacturing and researching industry.
We are constantly improving our methods and technologies for piloting and freezing,
be it data mining, machine learning or augmented reality.

This is the reason why we have a unique experience on the fields
of marketing and implementing innovation,
change management and steering cultural transformation.

What we believe in.

We are the architects of your digital transformation.
We apply innovative methods and machines to support you
in becoming digital much faster, more safely and more efficiently.

Over 10 years of experience in innovation management.

We strive to be a yardstick for upmost quality.
So that you want to work with us again and again.

  • Air Products

    Technical Gases

  • AQura

    Analytical Services

  • Ashland

    Specialty Chemicals

  • Balluff

    Industrial Sensors and
    Sensor Technology

  • Boehringer



  • Clariant

    Fine Chemicals

  • DBT

    Mining Technology

  • Dii

    Market Research
    Medical Diagnosis

  • Euroforum

    Education, Seminars,

  • Evonik

    Specialty Chemicals and
    High Performance Materials

  • GBG

    German Breast Group

    Cancer Research

  • Industriepark


    Site Management and
    Site Services

  • Ineos

    Chemicals and

  • Infracor

    Site Management and
    Site Services

  • InfraServ


    Site Management and
    Site Services

  • LyondellBasell

    Polyolefins and

  • NAF Axles

    Power Drives
    Mechanical Engineering

  • NRW Bank

    State Development Bank

  • Nuvisan

    Pharma Services

    Clinical Research

  • Protagen

    Protein Services

    Protein Analytics

  • Rütgers


    Chemicals from Coal Tar

  • RWE

    Energy Supply

  • Sasol

    Basic and
    Specialty Chemicals

  • Sasol-Huntsman

    Maleic Anhydrides


    Polyvinyl Chloride

  • VHV-Gruppe


  • Wacker Chemie

    Specialty Chemicals

  • Warsteiner


Concrete Use Cases.

Optimization of chemical plants
to increase production output and profit
by big data modeling

Idea generation, strategy development and
road map for digital transformation
(site management and site service provider, chemical park)

Road map for new business model
„data based custom manufacturing“
and stabilizing production processes
of specialty chemicals by big data modeling
(specialty chemicals corporation)

Remote workflow automation
to support management of engineering and maintenance
documentation across several chemical sites
(Specialty chemicals corporation)

Optimization of power supply, utilities and waste management
at a chemical site
by machine learning and big data modeling
of power plant and infrastructure plants
(site management and service provider industrial park)

Readiness check workshops
to define digital maturity and to develop
new business models for smart maintenance

Establishing an HR development plan for transformation
of dynamic capabilities of the organization
(Pharmaceutical enterprise, technical support and site infrastructure)

Workflow automation of market research
for corporate and retail banking
(conceptual design and implementation
of a business rule-based object-oriented DBMS)
(State national bank)

Please contact us to learn more about references, use cases and project examples.

Team Spirit.

Markus Ahorner
Managing Partner
Diplom-Ingenieur (TU)
Strategy and technology consulting
Change management
Project management
Axel Krüger
Business Mathematician (MSc)
Data modeling
Project management
Edgar Hetberg
Associate Consultant
Business Mathematician (BSc)
Data analysis
Data modeling
Marvin Büsscher
Associate Consultant
IT-Specialist and Mathematican (BSc)
Solveig Ahorner
Associate Consultant
Business Mathematician (BSc)
Business modeling
Katrin Schaardt
Managing Partner
Diplom-Designerin (FH)
Innovation management
Marketing/sales management
Change management
Dr. Atillâ Çoksezen
Senior Consultant
 Strategy and technology consulting
Finance and funding
Innovation management


We are constantly looking for coworkers with excellent knowledge in the fields of
business mathematics, business informatics, industrial engineering, communication or change management.

If you have a good or very good final degree (bachelor, master or doctorate)
and preferably first class business experience, we look forward to receiving your c. v.