The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Radically different.

We pick you up. And get you there.


Digital Transformation Is the Core Challenge
for Your Enterprise.

Data are growing exponentially.
This means that they double every two years, particularly in the industrial field.
Sensors and computers are constantly becoming smaller and more powerful.
Machines are becoming more and more intelligent. The Internet of Things links smart equipment.
More and more data are being created.
This is Industrial Big Data. The oil of the 21st century.

On the threshold to the last century, oil became the fuel
and the lubricant of the industry. Oil was the lever for prosperity.
Just like a hundred years ago the oil, so now Big Data offers enormous opportunities.
Opportunities for all who are capable of coping with ever-increasing data volumes.
But anyone who does not achieve the ability to use data for new businesses
will get into trouble. So to speak, in an oil crisis.

What Can You Do?

We support you in "search" and "drilling".
We even supply the "refinery". With innovative technology.
Machine learning is the key to data business.
It will radically change our lives. In all industrial areas.

How Do We Do It?

Your industrial data and processes can already be fully learned and automatically modeled by machines.
On the basis of modern mathematics and data analysis.
With our partner company algorithmica technologies,
we are a leader in the use of recurrent neural networks.
Recurrented neural networks can build up a time memory and
thus represent dynamic industrial processes. By learning independently.
Thus, optimizations and forecasts can be generated much faster and more economically than man ever can.
However, we are not limited to machine learning and artificial intelligence.
In the contrary, we apply many other innovative technologies and methods such as cloud and
blockchain technology, augmented and virtual reality, object-oriented
data models and automatic workflows. Together with our technology partners.

Why Do We Do this?

Because we want to promote digitalization. Because we want to make our contribution
to ensuring that companies in Germany and Europe continue to remain competitive.
Because we want to shape the future.

How Do You become digital - quickly and safely?

Together with us.
We are your architects for digital transformation.
In three areas, you benefit from our unique expertise -
and from over ten years of experience with Industry 4.0:

Area 1: Business Case
The optimization is be piloted. Thus, proof of concept becomes an operational business case.

Area 2: Business model
Optimization is combined with transformation.
Thus, business cases turn into entire digital business models.

Area 3: Strategy
You keep track of the big picture, right in the eye of the storm of innovation.
Thus, new business models become your digital market positioning.

We pick you up. And get you there.


Digitalization is unavoidable.
Become a leader right from the start!

Naturally, you have a specific base line.
However, your goal should be digital leadership, right from the very beginning.
No matter where you start from.
The reason is simple:

Digitalization will only be the initial.
It will mercilessly separate the slower from the quicker.
For every company will become a digital company sooner or later.
Isn’t it therefore wiser to become fully involved?

We guide you from idea generation to implementation. And measure your progress in four steps:


We review your digital strategy, your data universe,
your experience in data analysis and data modeling
as well as your data management.
In order to know where you stand.
And to design the best way to proceed.


Would you like to learn more?
Then let’s discuss your ideas.


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